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Single Gmail Multiple Twitter Accounts: Top Secret Trick


The ultimate secret for Twitter users setting up and managing multiple Twitter accounts. 

One Email For Multiple Twitter Accounts

When you setup a new account on Twitter you will be asked to use an email address not already used for a Twitter account. This can be a drawn out process and difficult to manage with high numbers of accounts due to having to create many email addresses. This is both time consuming and impractical. 

There is simple, clean and fast method for working around this idea.

It's so simple to do.

What you need: A valid Gmail account
(it is not a problem if it is already in use for a Twitter account)

Did you know Gmail supports the '+' symbol?

What you need to do is add the '+' followed by another word after the first part of your email address.

Main email:
New Email:

Now go ahead and use the 'New' email to sign up for a new Twitter account. All Twitter notifications for that account sent to the 'New' email will go directly to your 'Main' Gmail inbox.

  • Easy to setup new Twitter accounts
  • Easy to set up your gmail to filter your 'New' email addresses
  • None

Enjoy using this Twitter secret to save you time and energy when you manage your accounts.

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