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Best Practices For Twitter Automation


Twitter automation is a lifesaver for marketing teams. Twitter automation will help you reach more people, build an audience and share your news, services, ideas and products with more people. This leads to more sales, clients and engagement.

When marketers use Twitter messaging automation, they will greatly reduce manual time needed to message all of their followers. Instead of dedicating countless and otherwise unpaid hours, most of the work is outsourced to Rabbit Message, making life more enjoyable while the automation does the work for you.

But Twitter messaging automation is like any other marketing tool – it should be used with careful moderation. and consideration. Using too much automation can result in many unforeseen mistakes and social blunders such as crippled campaigns, and reputation damage. Alternatively, too little automation will push workload into overdrive, creating more mistakes by absence.
Benefitting from Twitter messaging automation is easy if you have the proper tools at your disposal. 
So with that in mind, let’s dive into four of the most popular automation tools available for social media marketing and why you should – or shouldn’t – use them.

Why Use Rabbit Message?

>> ZERO red flags are triggered on Twitter. Rabbit Message is designed to operate within all the perimeters set out by Twitter. Rate limits will never be triggered.

>> Low cost. Right now, automation is affordable for anyone. The pricing for Rabbit Message is currently set at $2 for a 24 hour campaign, $7 for a monthly subscription and only $49 for a full year. This allows you to choose which works for you best. All  plans are designed to make messaging automation affordable for everyone.

>> Easy to use. Rabbit Message has a clean, simple and effective interface so you'll have no problem finding out how to use it in a very short time.

>> Analytics. With a fun data management system, you'll be able to see how many messages are being sent over various time frames. Information is power.

Best Practices for Social Media Automation

Balance your Twitter messaging automation with authenticity. Use Rabbit Message to send announcements, services and products but use real personal chatting for when you get questions and responses.

Are you using Rabbit Message Twitter Messaging Automation for your brand or business?

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