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Auto Reply

Create auto reply messages so you'll never miss personally gretting a new follower again.


Track your messages to see how many have been sent by both percentage and using our easy to read bar graphing system.

Bulk Messaging

Create fully customizable bulk messaging to send to all of your followers. Customize using receivers Twitter handle for ultimate personalization.

No Red Flags

Rabbit Message is designed to operate within all Twitter guidelines for message rate limtis so your account will never trigger red flags.

Custom Targeting

Send messages based on the number of followers the recipient has. No other automation tool has this unique feature.

Secured by PayPal
Low Cost

Rabbit Message has 3 rates: Daily $2, Monthly $7 and Annual $49. Always low cost and easy for any budget. Secure and safe PayPal payment system.
Cancel any time.

Full Control

Pause, cancel and resume your messages and subscription level at any time. Never a hassle or problem.

Easy To Use

Rabbit Message is both intuitive and easy to navigate. Using a simple UI, you'll never be confused about how the system works.

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Best Practices For Twitter Automation

Twitter automation is a lifesaver for marketing teams. Twitter automation will help you reach more people, build an audience and share your news, services, ideas and products with more people. This leads to more sales, clients and engagement.

When marketers use Twitter messaging automation, they will greatly reduce manual time needed to message all of their followers. Instead of dedicating countless and otherwise unpaid hours, most of the work is outsourced to Rabbit Message, making life more enjoyable while the automation does the work for you.

But Twitter messaging automation is like any other marketing tool – it should be used with careful moderation. and consideration. Using too much automation can result in many unforeseen mistakes and social blunders such as crippled campaigns, and reputation damage. Alternatively, too little automation will push workload into overdrive, creating more mistakes by absence.
Benefitting from Twitter messaging automation is easy if you have the proper tools at your disposal. 
So with that in mind, let’s dive into four of the most popular automation tools available for social media marketing and why you should – or shouldn’t – use them.

Why Use Rabbit Message?

>> ZERO red flags are triggered on Twitter. Rabbit Message is designed to operate within all the perimeters set out by Twitter. Rate limits will never be triggered.

>> Low cost. Right now, automation is affordable for anyone. The pricing for Rabbit Message is currently set at $2 for a 24 hour campaign, $7 for a monthly subscription and only $49 for a full year. This allows you to choose which works for you best. All  plans are designed to make messaging automation affordable for everyone.

>> Easy to use. Rabbit Message has a clean, simple and effective interface so you'll have no problem finding out how to use it in a very short time.

>> Analytics. With a fun data management system, you'll be able to see how many messages are being sent over various time frames. Information is power.

Best Practices for Social Media Automation

Balance your Twitter messaging automation with authenticity. Use Rabbit Message to send announcements, services and products but use real personal chatting for when you get questions and responses.

Are you using Rabbit Message Twitter Messaging Automation for your brand or business?

Why Use Twitter Automation

In a perfect world you'd have all the time you would want to tweet, send DMs, reply and engage, but this isn't feasible. In reality you have many things to do, obligations and responsibilities that keep you from communicating in that way. Coupled with this is the fact that you're also a part of other social media platforms other than Twitter.

How can you create conversations, connections and leads when you're busy looking after your life? Twitter Automation is the tool you've been looking for. How well you use it will help you refocus effort on your offline life, while still gaining ground with your Twitter presence. This is the most beneficial reason to use some level of Twitter automation, so your priorities remain strong. provides low cost and easy-to-use bulk and auto messaging services built on a Twitter Automation platform.

Everything you need to get back to what is important: Your life.

Single Gmail Multiple Twitter Accounts: Top Secret Trick

The ultimate secret for Twitter users setting up and managing multiple Twitter accounts. 

One Email For Multiple Twitter Accounts

When you setup a new account on Twitter you will be asked to use an email address not already used for a Twitter account. This can be a drawn out process and difficult to manage with high numbers of accounts due to having to create many email addresses. This is both time consuming and impractical. 

There is simple, clean and fast method for working around this idea.

It's so simple to do.

What you need: A valid Gmail account
(it is not a problem if it is already in use for a Twitter account)

Did you know Gmail supports the '+' symbol?

What you need to do is add the '+' followed by another word after the first part of your email address.

Main email:
New Email:

Now go ahead and use the 'New' email to sign up for a new Twitter account. All Twitter notifications for that account sent to the 'New' email will go directly to your 'Main' Gmail inbox.

  • Easy to setup new Twitter accounts
  • Easy to set up your gmail to filter your 'New' email addresses
  • None

Enjoy using this Twitter secret to save you time and energy when you manage your accounts.

Twitter Automation: Pros and Cons

I'd like to start by being transparent with you dear reader. My studio, The Red Rabbit, created one of the Twitter automation tools appearing on this list. The rest of the list contains the best of the best for current Twitter automation available today. So with transparency out of the way, lets get the pros and cons of Twitter Automation.


One of the most popular social media management tools and a true powerhouse of functionality. Used by thousands of social media managers to control dozens of accounts simultaneously.

Accessable to most popular social media platforms
connecting over 35 social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and many more.
Browser based
No downloads are required to use Hootsuite, just login on their website and you're ready to go.
Mobile App
Since they have a mobile version you'll able to move your usage to your phone with little loss of time.

Expensive Reporting costs
If generating reports is one of your requirements, be prepared to dish out $50 per report. This cost is prohibitive to small business and therefore out of reach for most users.
Not Beginner Friendly
The interface, while easy to look at, can be confusing for beginners and casual users.


With a focus on automation and time saving, SocialOomph has some cool tools such as scheduling, Search tools, auto and bulk tweets, and connecting RSS feeds.

Robust functionality and many options to keep you engaged and productive.

Using SocialOomph can be pricey for anyone not serious about their Twitter automation. With costs paid out bi-weekly, it can add up quick for anyone but social media managers working with budgets.


Buffer is often compared to Hootsuite and their functionality is similar.
The interface is clean and easy to use
Supports the big social networks with easy connectivity

Limited scheduling

Rabbit Message

This is the Twitter automation tool I created that I mentioned at the beginning. Rabbit Message was created to fill a niche I recognized was needed to be filled: Accessible automation for anyone capable of operating within Twitter rules and policies.

Rabbit Message delivers auto-reply an bulk messages over time to avoid triggering Twitter's red flag alerts.
Good analytics letting you know when messages were delivered.
Low cost: $4/mnth $40/yr.
Easy to use and navigate. Designed to be approachable and responsive for beginners.

Two purposes: Auto-Reply and Bulk messaging.
Only works with Twitter


A versatile and customizable way to have enhanced control and access to all aspects of your Twitter account in your browser.
Unlimited Twitter accounts
User friendly interface
Free to use

Limited to Twitter and Facebook connectivity
Lack of analytics can be limiting for heavy users and brand managers.

There is a special place within your Twitter messaging for streamlining your social media networking goals. If your Twitter account is active and you need to save time by reducing repetitive tasks, such as greeting every new Twitter follower, then automation is for you.

Content Curation Made Easy

Content curation is the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. Services or people that implement content curation are called curators. Curation services can be used by businesses of any size  to increase brand awareness and as a method of industry integration.

It is vital in today's online focused world that all businesses be engaged in some form of content curation. Your businesses is no different and should be ensuring that relevant content is shared to it's readers as often as possible. 


  • Improved SEO exposure 
  • Trust from your readers and industry
  • Increased reader engagement and lead generation

Curating content can be divided into five phases:

Content Sources

Social media:
It's fairly obvious that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, etc are a quick and effective way to discover content from a variety of sources around the world.

Google News:
Most readers here will be familiar with Google News alert and customization tools. Both will allow you to find relevant news form around the world based on preferences that matter to you. Google news will prove to be a consistent source of current and relevant content. One of the chief powers of Google News is the ability to create custom streams of news based on keywords.

In conclusion, your brand needs content curation. Time to start.

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